Month: January 2016

TDI Podcast: Mutual Fund Scam Theory (Debunked) (#448)

Joshua Belanger and Andrew discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of mutual funds. Joshua tries to explain why he thinks that mutual funds are the biggest investment scam going, Andrew helps to debunk this idea.

Markets rallied into the end of the month, earnings season has hit the half-way...

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DHUnplugged #300: The DHFed…Giving Away Money!

Market comeback? Short-squeeze ahead of the Fed? Oil hitting bottom? Not so fast…

Apple’s (AAPL) earnings, facts about Oil and the million dollar Oprah Tweet – Just a few of   the important discussion points from this episode – and much more.

The big question is: Will this end up being the...

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TDI Podcast: The Right Barber Is Good For Profits (#447)

I may have finally found a good barber and that led to some thinking about portfolios. In this episode we look at the week that past, the week ahead as well as some important points on China and Oil.

An important discussion from earlier this week from Frank Curzio’s podcast is...

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DHUnplugged #299: Blood In The Streets

There has been no let up of the selling pressure. Even with an overnight pop, stocks lost most of their luster as the correction continues.

Earnings season is now in full swing and even as we see some decent beats, that is not helping. Banks are expecting big losses on energy...

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TDI Podcast: The Return of Bad Advice (#446)

As markets gain momentum to the downside, there is a similar pickup in bad advice out there available to investors. This episode will give listeners the catch-word to avoid and provide more appropriate investment disciplines.

We begin this episode with an update on oil and the potential for price weakness to...

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