Month: July 2015

DHUnplugged Stock Picks – We Nailed This One!

Each week on the DHUnplugged Podcast, John C. Dvorak and I spend some time looking at ideas for stocks that may be ready for a move. We log each of the specific ideas and then track them on a Google Docs spreadsheet. We nailed the short on YELP! up big….

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DHUnplugged #277: China … Down and Out

Car companies are offering up 84 month payment plans – what a rip! China markets have plunged again and stocks in the materials sector are worse than they were at the lows of 2008/2009.

All this and much more in this exciting and informative episode.

See this week‘s stock picks...

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TDI Podcast: Euro’s Next Hurdle and Only 44 Stocks (#422)

Economics Editor Sky News, Edmund Conway spends time with us to discuss the state of the EuroZone, what to make of the most recent accord with Greece and other tidbits of interest. We discuss just what this means to the rest of the world as well.

Andrew gives some additional...

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DHUnplugged #276- Is Polygamy Next?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, we wonder what would be next. Also, earnings season is here and while it started with a bang, things are looking a bit more grim.

Top news, rumors and a big plus as we answer questions from Twitter followers …


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TDI Podcast – The Inevitable Downing of Drones (#421)

In this episode we look at the hysterical Greek deal that was cut in order to avoid a default. We also take a look at how drones hampered firefighters from dousing wildfires in California and how that may affect GoPro (GPRO).

The problem with main street media (MSM), Amazon’s (AMZN) Prime...

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