Month: September 2014

TDI Podcast: The Hindeburg Omen Confirms and Bond Drama (#382)

The Hindenburg Omen does not come about very often, but when it does… look out below. The last time we saw a similar signal was in 2007.

In this edition we discuss the potential ramifications of the abrupt departure of Bill Gross from PIMCO and what this could mean for the...

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DHUnplugged #240: Skynet Is Going To Crash Markets

We look at the next possible reason for a stock market crash. Find out more and why this may be already in the works. Inversions are out, markets are worried and much more in this episode.

We also cover, the new iPhone, the most expensive apartment ever and some stocks to...

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TDI Podcast: The US Dollar and Security Plays (#381)

Confusion at the ECB, Russia selling Gold and Silver, some thoughts on Yahoo!

We discuss the trading of currencies and how it is essentially one econ0my against another. Also, why gold is selling off and when there may be a turn. Alibaba (BABA) versus Yahoo! (YHOO) and much more.

Listen in for...

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DHUnplugged #239: Say Goodbye To The Taxi Industry

So much to discuss. The new iPhone, China’s economic woes, Band Practice, fake beheadings,   and the death of the taxi industry via Uber.

We also spend some time looking at a few stocks, the recent stimulus that is being offered by the bank of China and how the market magically...

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TDI Podcast: Leading the Pack with Chris Hogan (#380)

Guest:  Chris Hogan explains the power of social media on relationship of consumers and businesses. In this episode we also discuss the upcoming Apple (APPL) announcement as well as the ECB’s latest stimulus program. Much more as well in this informative program…

Listen on @iTunes or scroll down to...

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