Month: February 2014

DHUnplugged #212: Stimulus Will Cause the Next Depression

Is there a way to arbitrage Bitcoin? Prices are diverging by hundreds of dollars. John has a theory on what will eventual be the cause of the next economic downturn.

Tesla’s (TSLA) earnings are on the way and John is taking a stab at the short side....

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Key Reversal Indicator Update – Getting Critical

When we look at the recent rise for equities, we want to know how that move is occurring. If it is “too fast” then there may be a need for the market to cool off a bit before the next leg higher.

Then again, perhaps the move was simply a bounce...

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TDI Podcast – The Blame Game and Biderman on Shrinking Float (#351)

Guest: Charles Biderman, TrimTabs discusses why buying stocks with shrinking float is a good way to beat the markets. We discuss buybacks and other methods companies are using to take shares out circulation. We also discuss the overall markets as well as the recent economic outlook.

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DHUnplugged #211: BULLSHIT ALERT!

It is getting thick… To think that the media is splashing around the idea that markets moved higher on the latest jobs report is ridiculous. Then they tried to tell us that Fed Chief Yellen’s testimony was cause for markets surging.. Really?

We also discuss the emerging markets, China and Japan’s...

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