Month: April 2013

The Yen – Trade Weighted Valuation Targets

This study shows the effective exchange rate and is a measure of  the value of a currency against a `basket’  of other currencies, relative to a base date. It is calculated as a weighted geometric  average of the exchange rates, expressed in the form of an index. The effective  exchange...

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Key Earnings for This Week – 236 Important Stocks to Watch

Yes, another week that will have hundreds of stocks reporting earnings. Over the past couple of weeks there have been some upside surprises that have pushed up prices remarkably and those that disappointing. It appears that there is still some leeway that investors are giving companies with revenue misses. Eventually,...

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The Economics That Will Shape This Week

Earnings season will definitively put some mojo in the volatility index this week, but there are plenty of eco data points that will also be watched closely. As this week is also the beginning of a new month, the jobs numbers will be important.

In fact, this particular report will show...

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TDI Podcast: Central Banks are Doing What? (#311)

This week we explore a hair raising news story that discusses the new direction of some of the world’s central banks. It is quite disturbing and won’t end well. Earnings and Economics are also topics that we explore as well as how to properly set stops/limits in the current market...

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Fireworks Expected

This week we will see a great number of important earnings reports. Below is a list of the expected EPS and revenues as well as the changes over the past 4 weeks.


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