Month: March 2013

Sunday Fun: The Forecloser (The Daily Show)

How great is this! John Stewart always finds the best themes to twist and create a hysterical version of.


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Housing Charts To Ponder

With the mood shift on the housing market, I thought that it would be a good idea to take a look at some housing series.

For your viewing pleasure…

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DHUnplugged #176: Stealing From Russia Not Advisable

Cyprus is thinking about taking money from depositors who are by in-large Russians. Not the best plan every conceived. We talk about the pig dump in China, the Fed, markets and more…

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An Update – U.S. Economic Surprise Index

Often times, economics are a big part of the reason for stocks and markets to move. Of course, earnings are important as well. However, with central banks continuing to provide extreme liquidity, neither of these will have as much weight since no matter what the outcome, there is always the...

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