Month: January 2013

DHUnplugged #171: DHUnplugged is Back! But the Economy Isn’t

There are several competing signs that the economy is gaining in some areas but losing in others. We discuss this plus the Amazon (AMZN) earnings reports, Boeing (BA) and much more.

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Economic Update – Massive Data-points On The Way

Let’s just simply agree that there are a ton of reports on the way this week. Starting us off will be the durable goods orders and from there we will get the housing price index,   revisions to GDP, Manufacturing and top it all off with a dose of the...

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Quick Key Reversal Indicator (KRI) Update

We have been watching for indications that markets are moving toward an overheating status. As we have discussed previously, when either there is too much optimism or pessimism, there is often an over-reaction and then a corrective period or quick reversion if you will.

To get a better read on this,...

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