Month: December 2012

Where Is The Money Flowing? A Look at The 12-Week Global Trend

Using the Relative Rotation Graph from Bloomberg, we can see that there is a move to push money toward Asian equities. Japan stock have enjoyed a rather impressive run as the Yen has been weakening of late. China is also seeing some active buying as the U.S. equity markets are...

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Short Week – Long on Economics to Watch

Last week’s economic reports are below. Notice that the housing sector is continuing to recover nicely as low rates are fueling a rebound. This trend is seen as a good sign as the housing sector is an important component of the U.S. economic health. Jobs are created though construction and...

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TDI Podcast: 2013 Gameplan with Larry Williams (#294)

Guests: Larry Williams explains his strategies and the overall potential for commodities into 2013. We also take a look at some of the ideas for 2013, economics for the week ahead as well as some stocks that may benefit from annual rotation.  

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