Month: November 2012

TDI Podcast: Hot Hot Latin Stocks with Juan Villegas (#288)

Guest: Juan Villegas gives us a better insight into the equity markets of Latin America and the potential for stocks and ETFs. Juan is an educator, trader and very knowledgeable about technical trading – good stuff here!

We also talk about the fiscal cliff and why stocks may be selling...

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Markets Respond To President Obama Election – TWICE (Chart)

The markets were not too happy that there will be four more years of the same. Whether or not a different winner of the 2008 election would have changed the trajectory of the market’s trend is impossible to know, but we do see some dissatisfaction (from investors) over the 2012...

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8th Annual Podcast Awards: Have You Voted Yet?

The 8th Annual Podcast Awards are now in the voting stage. Amazingly, you have helped to put both of my podcasts in the running for an award. Now comes the part where you can vote for your favorite show and I hope that you will choose The Disciplined Investor and/or...

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Are We “Oversold” ? Lots of Blather on This…..

Just because markets sell off for a few days does not mean that they are oversold. Obviously the converse is also true.

We look at several indicators as well as calculate a proprietary algo to come up with an actual reading on the S&P 500. While using some of the traditional...

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Import Prices Rise – Looking At Trend

Import prices are on the rise and that should be a concern to anyone that is watching for inflation to kick up and margins to compress.

Below are the recently reported import price numbers as well as the longer-term trend of imports and exports. The slope of the latter is not...

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