Month: September 2012

Charting the Housing “Recovery”

Been a little busy with a few things over the past few days so have not had the chance to do as much writing as I would like.

But, looking at the recent housing data is interesting so I thought that I would put up a series of charts that show...

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2 Biotechs Worth Watching (QCOR) (SPPI)

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been rotations around sectors that have the potential to enjoy great upside due to the central bank stimulus plans that have been announced.

Aside from that there are several names that we have been watching move higher in the biotech/pharma space worth noting....

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QE3 = Market Overheated Alert (Key Reversal Indicator)

Yes, there is no risk in the world anymore as the powers that be have put a cushion underneath any fall. However, there is something called technicals and valuation that are also important to consider.

Below is a view of the new product line up for the TriggerPoint Research – Model...

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Employment Numbers and PPI : Fed in a Quandary

Here is our take on things. The FED has a dual mandate. Okay, so they need to keep inflation in check and do whatever they can to keep the unemployment rate at an amount that is considered to be low enough for the “full employment” level for the economy.

However, there...

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