Month: September 2012

Durable Goods Are Nasty – Charting The Trend

Yuck. The print of -13% on durable goods orders is going to stick in the heads of anyone that is watching the world economic situation. It looks as though the U.S. is starting to catch up to rest of the world’s slowdown. We are in a global marketplace and when...

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Announcing Stocktoberfest 2012 – Your Stock(s) Analyzed

As we did last year, starting in October, we will be rating, reviewing and providing analysis on stocks of your choosing.

Are you wondering if you have held on too long? Is there a fortune awaiting you with your current holding?

Simply provide us the symbol of the stock(s)   that you...

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Signs of a Trend Change: Spearman Indicator Update+

This is a chart that we have presented many times. It is simply the S&P 500 index and a couple of reversal indicators that work well together. This time we added the “Candle Studies” as another potential confirmation of an impending change of trend.

Recently we have been working with some...

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The BIG ECO Week – Some Really Important Numbers On The Way

It is the final week of the month and you know what that means? A load of eco reports that are important enough to help lift or drop market sentiment. These line up well with month-end (and quarter-end) window dressing, so we would expect to see a good deal of...

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