Sunday Fun: Are We Better Off?

On this week”s DHUnplugged, we tried to take an objective look at the question that everyone is asking. It seems that it got a great deal of attention and there is a healthy debate raging on Facebook.

Here are the stat we looked at,each was pulled directly from the sources:

(Don’t shoot the messenger – you decide for yourself)

Some data points to consider – 4 years ago vs. today:

  • Full Time Employed then: 117 million, employed now 114 million
  • U6 Unemployment rate then: 14% now 15% (includes part time workers who want to work full time but can’t find a FT job)
  • Real wages up 0%
  • National Debt then: 10.6 trillion, now 16 trillion
  • Average price of gas then: $1.88, now $4.00
  • SPX then 950, now 1,400
  • Total GDP then 12,846 now 13,546 (billion)
  • Total Gvt Spending then 2,908 now 3,052 (billion)
  • FED balance sheet 2 trillion plus now from under 200 billion
  • Income for Black households fell 11.5% during Obama‘s Presidency vs 5.2% for white households