Month: June 2012

The Parade of Facebook (FB) Initiations

Introducing the parade of Facebook initiations. Not much that was unexpected, but a few neutrals and holds (anything other than a buy or overweight translates to sell in analyst terms)

Facebook (FB) overweight: Piper Jaffray
Facebook (FB) overweight: JPMorgan
Facebook (FB) overweight: Morgan Stanley
Facebook (FB) outperform: Oppenheimer
Facebook (FB) outperform:...

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Sector Rotation – Very Noticeable and Wildly Defensive Moves

Over the past many weeks, there has been an outsized move toward defensive sectors. That is very evident by the chart below.

Clearly the incredible relative strength of the telcom and utility sector is saying a lot about the thinking of investors.

At the same time, financials and tech have been the...

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Is China Slowing More Than We Are Told?

The New York Times put out a blistering article that challenges the economic reports from China. This is something that we have been wondering about for a while now. The article discussed the reasoning for local officials to boost/fudge certain economic readings and that the true slowdown in China may...

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Watchout – Seagate (STX) Could Be Vulnerable

Seagate (STX) shareholders may have something to worry about. The latest read-throughs on hardware sales is disturbing. From Dell (DELL) to HP (HPQ) there is lots of noise coming from management that they have seen the trend in sales declining sharply.

Just last week, Lenovo came out with an update that...

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