Month: May 2012

Below 666? SocGen Says YES!

This was just so way outside the norm that I had to republish. It seems to be implausible from where we are now, but I admit – not impossible.

Before you get all up in arms – this is not our opinion – though it is something to consider.
May 31...

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Economic Conditions: The NFP Employment Number Preview

Analysts are expecting job growth of close to 150,000 for the NFP payrolls report, due tomorrow. With all of the recent economic releases in a general decline, that level of growth may be difficult to achieve.

The overall jobs picture is made up of several components and the weakest these days...

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Commodities – Not Having a Good Day

With the USD spiking as the Euro is trashed, commodities are not too happy. Crude is trading below $88 and natural gas continues to be weak.

Yet gold and silver are managing to stay positive as the “fear” trade has finally kicked in for these metals.

Some of the benefits of the...

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Pending Home Sales PLUNGE

First of all, we do not think that pending home sales are a great read on anything. The fact is that it is simply one step of the home-buying/building process.

However, that does not stop the media from putting out some very disturbing headlines (like the one above).

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BIG IDEA – Cash for Chopsticks!

Over the weekend (the favorite time for the Chinese Government to surprise markets) another round of cash-for-clunkers program was announce in China.

Depending on how you count, this is the second or third round of the program over the past few years. Since auto sales are slowing, the government believes that...

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