Month: March 2012

TVIX Update and a Trading Idea

So, we saw that there was a very sharp downturn(50%+) over the past few days as UBS is allowing for share creation (See more detail HERE)

The indicative NAV was way below and as of the close yesterday, there needed to be another 30% drop in order to get the price...

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New Homes (Disappointing), Builders Sentiment (Changing)

It has not been the best week for economic reports. As could have been anticipated, economists now have swung to the other side, looking at too pretty of a picture. This happens quite often as economists penguin after being either too upbeat or downbeat.

Over the past two months, there was...

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What The *!@#$% Happened to the VIX ETFs? (TVIX)

Yowser. Was that something or what? Due t0 its popularity, the Velocity Shares VIX product (TVIX) had halted creation of new shares a few weeks back. That is where the trouble started. With that move, there was an ever growing premium as investors continued to buy shares in an attempt...

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