Month: March 2012

Only 4-Days Left to Signup for TriggerPoint ALERTS! FREE Trial

I wanted to remind you that there are only a few days left to signup. We have been getting great feedback and wanted you to get the opportunity to see what the ALERTS! are all about.

Through March 31st, there is a 14-day FREE trial of the Breaking up, Breaking Down...

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This Is What Makes Me Nervous…

I have discussed this several times on recent TDI Podcasts and have had a back and forth conversation with Frank Curzio about it for months. At first I thought it was just my imagination. I wondered how hedge funds could be so wrong so often lately.

What I had been observing...

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TPR Setups: Stocks On The ALERTS! Watchlist

The TriggerPoint Research ALERTS! algorithm is constantly looking for several key patterns that may eventually become either a Bounce, Breaking Up or Breaking Down Alert!. The idea is that there are distinguishable points that will trigger buyers/sellers to potentially rush in as a stock moves through a specific price zone.


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Economics For The Week Ahead: What You Need to Know

We are back to a full schedule of economic releases that will be on tap for the week. This is the last week of the month and of the quarter. What that means is that window dressing will be in full force from Tuesday through Thursday.

Have you noticed that...

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Back to Spearman and The Bloomberg Trend/Stall Indicator (Heads Up!)

The Spearman Indicator is like the “boy crying wolf” lately. But let’s not get too comfortable/complacent.

We need to put into the proper perspective the level and the direction to see what we can determine from the signal. As we have discussed previously, the rolling-up or -over of the indicator, above/below...

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