Month: January 2012

GDP Charts – What Happened to the Happy Consumer?

Let’s get right to the point. GDP is growing, but at far less that is needed to get the U.S. economy out of its quagmire. We all know that a GDP over 5% should be the number after the deep recession. But, we have to deal with the cold hard...

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Initial Claims – Too Volatile, Lets Smooth It Out

Each week we are treated to the 8:30 am edition of THESE ARE YOUR CLAIMS – A reprisal of the old show from years ago. In this edition, the claims are presented without any reference to seasonality or any other relevance, except for “expectations” of analysts. Markets trade...

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Leading Indicators – Big MISS, But New Orders are HOT!

The Conference Board released the Leading Indicators for the latest period. On the whole, it was a disappointment. Expectations were for a +0.7% and the actual number came in at +0.4% and the previous month was revised lower (SURPRISE!) from +0.5% to +0.2%.

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The Fed Statement – Side By Side (More Sink Throwing)

The Fed spoke and they have once again thrown in the kitchen sink. TWIST, QE and EXT (extension) are just some of the reasons for investor optimism. Of course, Bernanke is the master of mis-direction, so there may be more coming out of Europe within a short time that is...

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