Month: December 2011

The Final Spearman Indicator For 2011: Rolling or Resting?

If you have been reading our updates on the Spearman Indicator, you have probably concluded that it has been rather accurate in its timing.

The most probable reason is that this is not a trending market, but rather a choppy and quickly changing chop that has been moving in a range....

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Video: Understanding Fracking (The Next Oil/Gas Boom?)

There is a great deal of benefit and some problems that have been recently cropping up concerning hydraulic fracking for oil and gas. Several companies have been our focus in this profitable opportunity (GPOR) (CLR) (WTI) among others.

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) — Derek Cutright, a Southwestern Energy Company drilling manager, gives...

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Large Vs. Small Caps – The Winner is…..

Even with the recent under-performance of the small-cap universe, they have consistently outperforming over the past two years.

While small caps have been dominant, mid-caps have been doing a bang up job as well. Below is the comparison of the S&P 500 to the S&P 600 index from 12/31/2009.


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