Month: November 2011

Reader Request: Correlation of the Euro and S&P 500

We recently wrote about the high correlation of the intra-day moves between the Euro and the S&P 500 index. A reader commented that they would like to know more about the longer term correlation of the two.
cor ·re ·la ·tion/ËŒkôrəˈlāSHÉ™n/


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A Quick Look at EuroZone CDS and Bond Yields

With the lack of interest for the recent German bond auction, CDS spreads continue to widen and the cost is on the rise for most of the countries within the region.

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Yields are also rising for most, with Portugal, Spain and Italy getting closer to the implosion zone.


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This Euro/SPX Correlation is Getting Ridiculous (Today’s Chart)

So far today, the movement for the Euro and the S&P 500 has been moving in lockstep. The chart below shows the 3-minute movement for each of these and how closely they are connected.

There are many reasons to believe that the de-risking along with de-leveraging has a good deal to...

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China Flash PMI – There Is Trouble My Friends…

China’s Flash PMI number was released and it was not a good one. Readings under 50 are considered to be in the contraction zone and the 48 was clearly a level for concern. Much of the recent tightening to tame the inflation monster is to blame, but the slowdown in...

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