Month: November 2011

Good News Leads to Buying EVERYTHING! :-()

Don’t you just wish you could be a fly on the wall every once in a while, listening to what must be going on at some of the HFT and other trading firms?

Maybe it goes a little like this:

“What can we buy? Let’s see, the news/rumor out of Europe and...

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This Week’s Economic Reports: Market Moving Releases To Know

On this week’s TDI Podcast, we spent some time discussing the important economic releases coming up this week. Notice that it is a really busy calendar. Starting on Monday, additional manufacturing data will be released and Tuesday brings the important housing price index. Economists are expecting (hoping?) Consumer Confidence to...

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That Was an Ugly Week – Returns From Around the World

They are saying that this was the worst Thanksgiving week in history. That may well be. But even if there wasn’t a holiday this was still a turkey week for markets.

Now word is that Greece is looking to a 75% haircut and negotiating directly with creditors. Belgium was just downgraded...

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