TDI Podcast: StocktoberFest, Global Recession and Protection Strategies (MP3 Version – #232)

It is rough out there and we have a few ideas to help your portfolio along. This episode marks the official start to StocktoberFest! With the markets pricing in a global downturn and a new recession in the U.S., we need to get creative and leave emotions at the door. Investing in these types of markets demands a specific set of strategies. In this episode we discuss some of the ways to protect and position a portfolio.

NOTE: This is the Mp3 version, if you would like to listen/see the ENHANCED FORMAT   which has charts and other visual aids to supplement the discussion click HERE .   Please let us know if it works on all platforms and if you find it beneficial. (Please comment below of email us directly)


The charts and the images discussed in this episode

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