Month: August 2011

OOOFAHHH: Now That Is An Ugly Situation

A 4% plunge on any index is not often seen. But to see it happen on the DAX is surprising. It is unfortunate that Germany has allowed themselves to get in this bind. Germany’s finances and economy are being ripped apart by the misdeeds of countries that did not keep...

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The Housing Numbers: Can We Talk?

There is nothing to cheer about in the land of the empty houses. It would be a great idea if someone could come up with a reasonable idea to start the process of getting buyers to stop waiting for housing prices to move lower. Mr. Bernanke knows that deflation is...

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David Rosenberg: “If You Stop Interrupting Me”

Yesterday on CNBC, the usual morning hosts were all on vacation. That left the job of entertaining the audience to Tyler Mathisen, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and and the always “exciting” John Harwood.

In an interview with David Rosenberg this morning, Harwood tried to get clarification from the wordy...

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China Markets vs. U.S. Markets: A Look Into The Future

China was ahead of the U.S. in providing the initial stimulus during the financial crisis of ’08/’09. Considering how their markets have performed since may give us some insight into what may be ahead for U.S. equity markets.

The chart above shows the Shanghai Exhanges and the S&P 500...

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China’s Flash PMI: In The Contraction Zone

China’s Flash PMI actually came out slightly better than expected with the release showed a 49.8 print. This is still below the key level of 50 which is the line between contraction and expansion. It is starting to become very clear to investors that the global slowdown is for real....

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