Sunday (Not So) Fun: Tracking The Latest News On Japan’s Earthquake

Obviously, when they are saying that his is the worst disaster since WW2, we need to keep on top of what is going on. Here are some of the places that I have found to be providing excellent and continuing coverage of the Japan Earthquake. If you have any, comment and we will add to the list.

The Guardian Live Updates

NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Google Maps Interactive Areas

Google News – Japan Earthquake

Videos – Updated in last hour

CNN Japan Earthquake Live Blog

Twitter Search – Japan Nuclear

Twitter – Japan Earthquake

Streaming list of Earthquakes occurring

Animated Map of Recent Earthquakes

BBC Japan Earthquake updates

Nikkei Stock Market

Nikkei Quake Fallout News

WSJ Japan Earthquake Interactive Map

MSNBC Japan News

MAP : Japan Nuclear Power Plants

MAP: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant