Month: February 2011

Sunday Fun: Lil O’Reilly vs Barney Frank

Okay, this is really stupid, but it is kinda funny…

It is not so far from the truth in we see each day on a number of talk shows. Have you noticed that the panels are getting bigger and it is almost impossible to hear anyone?

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Retail Winners and Losers – WOW…. does a great write up of the market action on a daily basis. Here is their morning take on the retail SSS that came out earlier today.

Generally, there is a LARGE disparity from the analyst expectations to the actual numbers. 10% or more in some cases. Below is the...

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TDI Podcast 197: Peter Schiff on Gold, China and More….

Guest: Peter Schiff, Europacific Capital is our guest this episode. Gold, China, inflation and the U.S. dollar are all topics on the table for discussion. Is it gold’s last stand or will it break through to new all-time highs? We cover inflation and the effects on the emerging markets in...

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NFP and ADP – What Will Friday’s Job Numbers Show?

Private payroll numbers were the focus of the morning as the ADP report showed less hiring in January. But, there was also the Challenger report that showed that while there was a higher level of mass layoffs, the level is lower than most January’s in the past....

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