Month: January 2011

DHUnplugged #95 – Four Days Before Market Correction?

Here is the latest conversation,   new insights for anyone who invests in anything. This week we discuss the muni Bond “problem.” Also a controversial theory says the market will go down 10-percent shortly.

NEW! NEW! We are now tracking the idea stock that Andrew and...

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Where Is The Market Heading?

Often the question about the trend of the market is asked. How do you know and what is the breaking points. Today such a question was asked in relation to the Russell 2000 Small Cap Index. Notice on the charts below that each market is still much...

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TDI Podcast 195: Never Buy Another Stock Again! Really?????

Guest: David Gaffen, Reuters has written a new book entitled, Never Buy Another Stock Again. We spend some time trying to get to the bottom of his assertion. In the end, David makes some great points and provides a good deal of usable information. This episode also focuses on the...

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The Employment Stats: Where Do We Go From Here?

There was a surprising uptick in the initial claims this week. The question is whether on not a trend is occurring. So far there has been less than acceptable job growth and we all know that one of the best ways to get margins inline is to cut workforce.

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