TDI Podcast 162: ZeroHedge, FlashCrash & Did the FED Create the Euro Panic?

Guest: Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge discusses the facts surrounding the “flash crash” a couple of weeks back. We also go into high frequency trading as well as an interesting conspiracy theory related to the Euro and Treasuries. Did the U.S. govy want a flight to safety?

Andrew starts us off with a review of the week that was and what to expect next week.



Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden (clearly a pseudonym) represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity. After having experienced the inner workings of capitalism at various asset managers and advisors, Tyler believes that the current model is flawed and a deleveraging at every level of modern society is needed to reinspire the fundamental entrepreneurial spirit. Visit his very informative site at


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