Month: April 2010

Is Google (GOOG) Getting Soft?

In a recent update from WSJ, it appears that the phone wars are more of a tough phone-pillow fight. Palm (PALM) is giving away the Pixie with a 2-year contract and now Google (GOOG) is backing away from its plan to work with Verizon (VZ) on the Nexus.

Has Apple (AAPL)...

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TDI Podcast 158: Curzio and Horowitz Ride Again!

Guest: Frank Curzio discusses homebuilders, the gaming industry, the economy and more. What are some of the best ideas for the next phase of the market cycle and what stocks should you look at now… Plus, we consider some of the Greece fallout and Frank provides a lesson on how...

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$150 Million House – Who Buys This – Jobs, Gates, Ellison?

If you deal with the Kudlow intro, check out this crib. Nice – a cool 56,000 square feet. I am still trying to calculate the potential monthly electricity bill.

If I purchase this, will I get any assistance from the   home buyer credit?

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Greece and Other Problematic CDS Levels

It appears that some of the emerging markets are getting soft in light of the situation occurring in Greece/Europe.   Take a look at the chart below. It shows that even with all of the discussions by the EU and Greek politicians, there is still underlying trouble. In fact, just...

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Our Recent Stock Picks for DH Unplugged

Each week, John C. Dvorak and I get together to discuss several items of interest om our DHUnplugged Podcast. We also come up with a few stock ideas that may be worthwhile to take a look at.

Below is the tracking sheet of the companies that we have recently mentioned and...

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