Want a Sneak Peek At The Future of Greece?

This week we had a great conversation with guest, Rob Parentaeu. In this episode (TDI Podcast #155)   we discussed the probable outcome for Greece and the not so pretty fall-out. Rob seems to have it all well understood and was really enlightening.



Rob Parenteau edits the prestigious Richebächer Letter, founded by the late Dr. Kurt Richebächer. Each issue is an in-depth examination of the world’s currency and credit markets – particularly the growing debts and deficits in the United States and Europe.

Rob’s 24 years as the chief U.S. economist and investment strategist for RCM Capital Management give him a unique and critical perspective of U.S. and global economic policy. In 2006 he was also appointed as a research associate at The Levy Economics Institute.

Get Rob’s latest audio presentation entitled: 7 Global Economic Predictions for 2010 HERE.

Rob has published chapters in three books on finance and economics: Contemporary Post Keynesian Analysis, Financialization and the World Economy and the upcoming The Elgar Companion to Hyman Minsky. He”šs currently preparing a chapter for the Oxford University Press Handbook on the Political Economy of Financial Crises.
Get Rob’s full bio and recent articles here: http://dailyreckoning.com/author/robparenteau/


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