Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) are Big Tattle Tales!

So, we are to believe that no one is tipping off the Feds as to the potential bad doings of   either Microsoft (MSFT) or Google (GOOG). We would not put anything past Steve Balmer and surely Google has their own axes to grind.

Looking at the latest trend, we have a good idea who is the one making the noise….


Seeking $335,000 in unpaid advertising bills, Google Inc. filed suit against a small Internet site in Ohio in October. The complaint was so routine it was just two sentences long.

Google never expected the response it got. Last month, the small Internet site countered with a 24-page antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the search-engine giant of a litany of monopolistic abuses.

But what really caught Google’s attention was the Internet site’s legal counsel: It was Charles “Rick” Rule, long the chief outside counsel on competition issues for Google archrival Microsoft Corp.

“My reaction was, ‘What the heck is this?’ ” …