Month: December 2009

Links and Reading for December 1st

Some of the more interesting and important items for December 1st :

GM Chief Henderson to Resign From U.S. Automaker After Five Months on Job – That was quick
Fla. lawyer charged with $1B investment fraud (AP) – FINALLY!
Florida State Football Coach Bobby Bowden Retires After 34 Seasons at Helm...

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Need a Job? 1 Million Available at $10-$20 Per Hour

The government is hiring. Alright, it would be nice to see the private sector doing some hiring, but this will do for now.Can anyone even count the cost of this?

The article states that the work will take about 20-40 hours per week. If we assume a 4-week period and a...

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86% of Stocks Up in S&P 500 – One Sector DOWN

Interesting that after a day that the financials took the news of the $26 billion of Dubai restructuring as good news, they are selling off into a strong market. Does it say anything? Probably not…

Either way, it is interesting to note that only a few days...

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Breakfast (Ruined) with Dave Rosenberg

Mr. Rosenberg has been writing about how bad things are for some time. Surely the recovery that has been based on green sprouts from government stimuli, but when will there be some admission that things are better? Are they?

Here are the latest comments from yesterday morning…

Ӣ While you were sleeping;...

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