The Week’s 15 Most Read Writings/Analysis/Rants

For the Week of November 30 – December  6, 2009. The week’s most read stories on The Disciplined – in order of popularity.

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1. Indicators We are Watching – Caution Signals
2. TDI Podcast 137: 2 Stock Ideas, Dubai and Indicators
3. Curzio Podcast : Andrew on Inaugural S&A Investor Podcast
4. Natural Gas ETF (UNG) – All Time LOW, and Going……
5. Need a Job? 1 Million Available at $10-$20 Per Hour
6. China is Pissed….U.S. Banks to Blame
7. Breakfast (Ruined) with Dave Rosenberg
8. Sneak Peek: Friday’s Note to Clients
9. 86% of Stocks Up in S&P 500 – One Sector DOWN
10. unNatural Gas ETF – (UNG) is This for Real?
11. Podcast Awards: Your Vote is Needed… Really!
12. Oil and Gas Inventories – Tells the Story, Kind of…
13. Video: Hewison on S&P 500 Key Reversal Levels
14. DHUnplugged 41: Stocks, Dubai or Not Dubai
15. Today in Our Economy: Slave Labor?


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