Month: September 2009

Links and Reading for September 28th

Some of the more interesting and important items for September 28th :

The Rising Power of Financial Blog Zero Hedge – Read this through….
FDIC Prepayment Likely for Banks – – This will cost, but the money comes from the FED and Treasury behind the scenes anyway.
China Opens Probe...

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TDI Podcast 128: Trading Legend Art Cashin and more…

Guest: Art Cashin and Andrew discuss markets and the dollar. Is the NYSE auction system going by the wayside? Leveraged Inverse ETFs causing problems for floor traders? Where to now? We have a good time discussing other important aspects of the market and how to position your portfolio.

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Sunday Fun: Microsoft’s Non-Tablet Tablet

This could be a great device if it offers wi-fi and 3G/4G connectivity. From what we see it appears to be something that is actually in the works. AND with Windows 7 carrying such a small footprint it may actually be able to be a full fledged OS embedded in...

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Eco: Housing and Durables … Did we like?

Both new home sales and durable goods were disappointing today. It was close, but we believe that the durable goods were far more concerning. Perhaps this will be remedied by the Cash for Appliances. Wait, the Cash for Clunkers did not seem to have the such a great effect……

The University...

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Coming Up: Trading Legend Art Cashin

On the next episode of The Disciplined Investor Podcast, we will be talking with trading legend Art Cashin. You know him, he appears as a regular on CNBC.

Listen in this Sunday night to TDI Episode 128. Or, better yet…. subscribe via iTunes…

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