Month: August 2009

TDI Podcast #120 – Recovery or Sugar High?

Stock picks and the economy from this week and month are discussed in detail. How far have we come and where are we going? Is there a a “W” recovery coming or is this the best we will see? Are we on a sugar high? We...

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Links and Reading for August 2nd

Some of the more interesting and important items for August 2nd :

Obama officials eye more jobless aid, weigh taxes – Rob from the rich to give to the poor
Jobless benefits to dry up for 1.5 million: NYT – This is one reason why we are seeing the continuing claims...

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Sunday Fun: CNBC – Fun or Fraud?

Have you noticed lately that CNBC is doing some funny things when it comes to their earnings charts? If you have paid close attention to what they show it is really spooky.

Here is what I mean. Usually, when I read a chart, I look from left to right and expect...

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