Month: July 2009

Links and Reading for July 21st

Some of the more interesting and important items for July 21st :

Senate votes to stop production of F-22 jet – We are dismantling the military, driving up the deficit and more people out of work than in long time…. are we there yet?
Apple smashes profit forecasts, iPhone shines –...

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Diesel Inventories Telling Us Something?

API put out their Oil, Gas and Distillates information this evening and I wanted to take a look at the numbers as well as the latest diesel inventory data. The reason we look at diesel is to see what is occurring in the commercial transportation area. In other words; are...

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TXN Geographic Segmentation

Upon looking over the earnings that will be coming after the bell, I was curious to see how much of the total income of Texas Instruments (TXN) came from outside the U.S.

Why? Well, Intel (INTC) for one was an amazing story that showed remarkable income from Asia. Extrapolating what could...

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TDI Podcast 118: Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs (GS)

Guest: Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Magazine comes on to discuss his article about the evils of Goldman Sachs (GS). We explore his rationale as well as his reasoning for the article. If you have not read it yet, this is an episode you do not want to miss. Plus, plenty...

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