Month: June 2009

Video: Fundmentals DO NO Support Rally

A recent interview by the Money Show. I am with Howard Gold, a co-player in the MSN Money Strategy Lab.

Here, I evaluate the strength and future of the current rally

Watch on MSN Video Network.

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Chart: Swine Flu Update (Flir Systems)

While we are hearing horror stories about visitors suspected of having Swine Flu being taken and quarantined within China, we are seeing the reported cases of the Swine Flu on the rise. Surely this is not the total cases as we are told that only a fraction are...

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Protectionism Problems Persist

You would think that the world would have learned, but it is very apparent that it has not. Leaders are obviously trying their best to revive and protect their economies even thought the perils of the 1930’s has shown that that leads economies into greater difficulties.

Now, the U.S. and...

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Video: Supply Will Drive Oil Down

I say the fundamentals don’t support   higher oil prices, and he expects them to fall back below recent peaks.

Watch the video on MSN Money

Supply will drive oil down

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Who is Selling Treasuries?

We know that over the past several weeks we have seen a significant rise on the interest rate on long treasuries. Of course that means that prices are moving lower, indicating that demand is waning.

(Chart below shows the yield curve for treasuries as compared annually. Notice the significant change on...

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