Month: June 2009

TDI Podcast 115: Hary Dent on The Next Crash

Guest: Harry Dent and Andrew discuss the outlook for the markets and the global economies. We get into aging population issues and how the U.S. markets will make it through 2009.


Harry S....

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Sunday Fun: Forex Trading Video

Last week showed you how to analyze 13 forex cross-rates in less than 11 minutes. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at how this very quick analysis turned out.


Out of all the markets they analyzed in just 11 minutes, only five...

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The Winning Investor Podcast Widgets

Share in the fun and education. Below are widgets for the Winning Investor Podcast.

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Bernanke: Conspirator or Scapegoat?

We have seen a great deal of questionable activities over the past year or so. We have already been through market manipulation and commodity fixing, tax evasion and sex scandals. Now we are learning about the possibility of one of the most respected positions in our government involved in a...

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Open thread: Is Stock Twittering a Giant Pump-n-Dump?

Twitter is popular, there is no doubt about that. In fact, the top 20 people that twitterers follow have at least 1 million followers each. Oprah twitters, Ashton Kutcher twitters and even President Obama twitters.

Now there is a rising trend to use Twitter to get stocks tips. Groups...

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