Video: Microsoft’s Project Natal on Fallon Show

Microsoft (MSFT) is coming on strong with the new “Natal Project” for the Xbox. Clearly they are looking to get back in the game and to take over the living room.

From NBC/Gizmodo

Canned videos and secondhand accounts can only tell us so much about Project Natal; it’s really the kind of product you want to see for yourself. Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunado went on Jimmy Fallon last night to give us a look.

Microsoft’s initial announcement was prerecorded and very controlled, and our early hands-on experiences couldn’t be filmed. Microsoft loosened up tonight, letting Fallon and, uhh, Jim from The Office jump in and out of Natal’s sensor area to take control of live demos on national TV. As a segment, it was a little awkward, even in the context of Jimmy Fallon’s show. As a tech demo? Drawn large across a 108-inch Sharp LCD, Natal came off as a tiny bit glitchy, but otherwise fantastic.

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