Month: March 2009

Links and Reading for March 6th

Some of the more interesting and important items for March 6th :

CNN Journalist-Doctor Sanjay Gupta Withdraws as Potential Surgeon General – And another
Treasury secretary’s choice for deputy withdraws – Another bites the dust
Obama’s Mortgage Modification Program – President Obama's plan to tackle the mortgage crisis
Bernanke Signals Tougher...

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2009: The Year We Rewarded Mis-Management?

All the doom and gloom in modern media has destroyed consumer confidence to unprecedented levels. The once tried and true blue chip companies are now trading for less than 60% – 80% of their value less than 6 months ago. For example, Citigroup (C) shares are now trading...

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Links and Reading for March 4th

Some of the more interesting and important items for March 4th :

U.S. Auto Sales Plunged in February – Here is a surprise. Now, how much more do they get this month from taxpayers? How about a free car for each of us?
General Motors Said to Be in Talks to...

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Elliot Wave: Where are We in the Wave Structure?

Recently, I met with stock analyst and blogger Corey Rosenberg from I was very impressed with his general knowledge and ability to understand market trends. Lately he has been doing a great deal of work with Elliot Wave projections and charting. I have been following his ongoing...

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Report: Mutual Fund Outflows (TrimTabs)

Not looking good as more and more investors are pulling the plug. This will effectively reduce liquidity and increase volatility. If this trends holds (which there is no reason to believe otherwise) markets will continue the wild intra-day swings. Mutual fund companies are still a short from this perspective.

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