Month: March 2009

TDI Podcast 99: S&P Racing to 500 or 1,000?

Guest: Charles Biderman, TrimTabs discusses why the S&P 500 may be dropping to 500 soon. At the same time, we pose the question: Is a dead cat bounce imminent? Listen in as both sides are discussed and opportunity knocks. Also, as TDI episode 100 approaches, we are asking that you...

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Links and Reading for March 8th

Some of the more interesting and important items for March 8th :

Mobile phone market share (Horowitz) – Iphone dominates, but others picking up steam
Microsoft and Google are among Barron’s top picks ( Horowitz) – There is an interesting move toward service related and those companies that can help businesses...

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Table: 1 out of 30 UP in 2009

There is only one stock in the Dow Jones 30 that is actually up YTD through 3/6/09. Take a look at the table below.
The winner?   IBM (IBM).

The next closest is Walmart (WMT) with a 12% loss.

(Corrected 3/8/09 – 9:30pm, thanks Erick!)

(Click to enlarge)

Source: Horowitz...

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Sunday Fun: The Bartender

(This was sent in by client, “Dr. M”)

Ruth is the proprietor of a   bar in Chicago. In order to increase sales, she decides to allow her loyal customers – most of whom are unemployed alcoholics – to   drink now but pay later.

She has the good sense to keep...

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Audio: Dvorak/Horowitz Unplugged #18

Here is the 18th conversation New insights for anyone who invests in anything. What to do? This chat is presented as-is for anyone who wants to listen in. We discuss the problems with the market in general and Andrew finds fault with Apple (AAPL) and curiously it was...

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