Month: February 2009

TDI Podcast 97: The Option Expiration Double Flip

Guests: Frank Curzio, and David Gaffen, Wall Street Journal discuss the markets, banks and how to prosper and protect. We also review how we made a quick switch from our hedged position of double inverse ETFs to double longs and initiated a position in the financial sector – BEFORE...

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Sunday Fun: Find the Oil Game

Here is a little online game that takes you through the process of finding, drilling and eventually profiting from oil. Black Gold they call it….

They should have added the ability to search for tankers simply holding the precious material until prices go up as another source of the black slime.


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Video: SEC Missed Another One

It is beyond comprehension that the SEC is unable to follow up and clamp down on massive fraud. Listen, it isn’t like this is a two-bit hoodlum scheme to rip-off $100,000. We are talking BILLIONS and BILLIONS here…

Come on guys, coffee break is over!

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Links and Reading for February 21st

Some of the more interesting and important items for February 21st :

Dad, 81, to Allen Stanford: ‘Do the right thing’ – Nice, but late…
Stanford bank in Antigua seized – The Hit they keep a coming
Madoff Left No Trace of Buying Securities for Up to 13 Years, Trustee Says...

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Hewlett Packard Disappoints in So Many Ways

From reading many of today’s corporate financial press releases, it is difficult to imagine that any company is actually suffering in a collapsing economy. Carefully chosen words and phrases such as: record earnings, best quarter in history, upbeat outlook and better-than-expected are all expertly placed within well crafted announcements to...

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