Month: December 2008

Audio: Dvorak/Horowitz Unplugged #10

The BIG Madoff Episode
John C. Dvorak and I Wrap Up the Stock Market and Bernie Madoff‘s $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme.

Here is the 10th conversation I had with John C. Dvorak. new insights for anyone who invests in anything. What to do? This chat is not produced and is presented...

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The Money Show – Orlando 2009

2009 Investing in Crisis and Recovery
Many investors have profited from advice provided by this year‘s speakers. In 2004, economist and keynote speaker Gary Shilling warned investors of a sub-prime-fueled housing crisis and in 2007 stated, “US prices will fall, perhaps below the 2002 lows, in the midst of a...

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Worm Glue to the Rescue!

It seems that worm glue is able to heal broken bones. I wonder if we can find a way for the worms of the financial industry to help heal broken markets and portfolios.

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Strategy Lab: MEATHEAD! – Archie Bunker Portfolio

ARCHIE Bunker Proof Your Portfolio A How-To primer on portfolio protection

(Read to the tune of All in the Family theme song)

Is it time for canned goods, water collection and preparing the bunker for the next leg of a financial meltdown? Perhaps, but smart investors know that whatever market conditions...

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MoneyShow Book Review: TDI !!

Here is a great review of The Disciplined Investor by Nancy Zambell of the MoneyShow.
Just in time for the holidays, beginning investors would not be amiss to ask that their Christmas stocking be stuffed with this primer by investment advisor Horowitz.

This book includes the foundations of any solid investment...

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