Month: December 2008

TDI Episode 89: Crashproof’n with Peter Schiff

Guest: Peter Schiff, Author of Crashproof and President of Euro Pacific Capital. Andrew and Peter explore the global meltdown and the potential winners emerging out of the ashes. How has his theory of a global market decoupling performed for his investment clients during 2008? Listen in to find out the...

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Why Do We Protect The Rapists?

It is like a bad dream that keeps on returning for a daily encore. Recently, GMAC won approval to become a bank holding company allowing them to borrow more and prolonging their existence. Of course without this, it was going to be game over in quick measure as their ability...

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New Tax Relief for IRAs – Bad Deal

It looks great at first glance, but looking closer it appears to be too little, much too late.

New legislative action has been enacted that waives the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from IRAs and other types of pension plans for 2009. The idea is to help retirees who have seen their...

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Recent Proshares Capital Gains – Tax Problem?

There have been several significant capital gain distributions from our friends over at Proshares. As the year progressed, the gains grew for many of the Short ETFs and now they are passing-through to shareholders. (See list of distributions HERE)

On one hand, it is great that there have been gains in...

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Sunday Fun: Investment Quiz

Here is a little something for those who would like to challenge their investment acumen. has a quick quiz to put your skills to the test.

Check it out HERE

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