Strategy Lab: Exiting with massive profits

My portfolio is up over 7% (since August 1st) and the latest parabolic rise for the markets has me worried. It appears that there is a growing disregard for the coming economic report that may show us how bad things are getting.

From my latest journal on MSN Strategy Lab:

Recently, it seems investors have forgotten about our credit situation and our socialist economic initiatives. Last I checked, socialism does not bode well for corporations as the government will take control over the flow of money. It is very likely we could see a democratic congress after this election which would increase taxes both on a personal level as well as the corporate level and the flow of money would be directed to the lower class. This will create a higher demand for goods in the lower classes, but isn‘t that how we got ourselves into this position in the first place? Over consumption without any responsibility to the consumer has created a country up to their eye balls in debt. The United States government has certainly set a good example to its citizens on how to leverage up with a national deficit at over $10 trillion and exponentially growing.

We are very concerned about the week ahead of us as we all know there is a presidential election resulting today and we have some very important economic numbers coming out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Trading volume has been very light and appears to be in one direction, straight up. From Oct. 27, 2008 to Nov. 4, 2008 we have seen a move in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of over 19% from the low to the high. This parabolic shift upwards leaves us scratching our heads wondering what changed so dramatically in our economy to warrant this level of change. Have we moved past all the problems we were contemplating less than a month ago? We seem to think investors are taking on a larger helping of investment risk due to a government backing of corporate failures.

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