Bruce Springsteen’s Economic Wisdom

As I was thinking about all that is going on, I cobbled together a summary of the market madness inspired by a list of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. I am even thinking of writing him in as my choice for President since I am having a very difficult time deciding who to vote for.

I hope The Boss would approve….

(Song titles in bold/caps)

I am certain that there are BETTER DAYS ahead as the markets are generally BORN TO RUN. My advice is simply: DON‘T LOOK BACK and realize that there is no MAGIC formula in the world of investing. Right now, there is panic OUT IN THE STREET and in the REAL WORLD these days every REAL MAN is having troubles and RESTLESS NIGHTS because PARADISE seems LOST IN THE FLOOD of the market turmoil.

This has been a LONG TIME COMIN‘ and the worry about keeping a MAN‘S JOB on top of this mess makes this time TOUGHER THAN THE REST. It is clearly a WAR taking place started by the financial companies stoked by greed that made many investors now understand that WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY. Bruce Springsteen for President

We borrowed too much and created an environment of ALL OR NOTHING. But, be sure that you, me and WE SHALL OVERCOME. Right now though, the market is being pushed and pulled by many DEVILS AND DUST particles will surely begin to settle after the election.

Remember, the markets cannot deal with uncertainty and when the MAN AT THE TOP is found and that LUCKY MAN is known, we will be ONE STEP UP towards reduced volatility.

One thing we do know is that right now, investing in the financial markets is a ROLL OF THE DICE or perhaps more like a game of ROULETTE, but there is REASON TO BELIEVE that the SEEDS planted by the FED and Treasury will eventually SPARK THE FUSE that could create a bull FEVER from these levels.

How long will it last is the real question as we all wonder WHEN THE LIGHTS WILL GO OUT on the rally. Now it is right to be a CAUTIOUS MAN into a time when short sellers are screaming COVER ME and frantically pushing stocks up in an environment of NO SURRENDER.

This is no longer a world that is run by those who are “in-the-know” who have our best interests at heart. Rather, it appears that those in charge are PART MAN AND PART MONKEY that gave us THE PROMISE of the American Dream only to issue more and more credit; better know as THE TIES THAT BIND.

THE LINE has been crossed and it appears that while we may seem TRAPPED AGAIN by bills and financial worries, those that have realized early on that it is time to take matters into their own hands will eventually LAUGH ALL THE WAY HOME. We know all too well that the credit crisis was BORN IN THE U.S.A. and has spread ACROSS THE BORDER and now beyond THE RIVER. But, in the REAL WORLD, things have a way of cycling and this too shall pass. Now we need to look OVER THE RISE to seek and plan for yours and MY BEAUTIFUL REWARDS.