Media: What to do now if …

Here is a timely article written by Cindy Goodman of the Miami Herald. It explores different stages of life and how the market and economic failure of 2008 is creating decision points for each:

From the Miami Herald:

Experts say boomers with kids near college age have deep-seated beliefs about their kids getting Ivy League degrees and how they will bear the cost. But now, they may have to consider public universities, having their kids take out loans, work their way through school or even dip into their own retirement funds.

Andrew Horowitz, a Weston money manager, cautions Taylor and Stewart to be careful about making long-term decisions based on short-term events. ”In an environment where it’s more competitive to get a job, a person will need as much education as possible,” he says, urging Taylor to go to graduate school. “Beg, borrow or steal to continue in that direction unless it’s 100 percent impossible.”

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