Links and Reading for October 12th

A few of the more important reading items and links for October 12th :

  • Microsoft gives Windows XP six more months – Just can get enough of a good thing or can't get used to a bad one?
  • Forget the front desk: Hotels go high tech – Iphone and Itouch go traveling. Nice to have a virtual butler in hand
  • Morgan Stanleys Tight Bind With Mitsubishi – Morgan will get its money no matter how it hurts Mitsubishi. A deal is a deal….
  • Capital One stops auto lending in NY and NJ – Capital One Financial Corp., the lender that added $200 million in September to cover future losses, said it will end financing of auto dealers' inventories in New Jersey and New York later this month.
  • Exclusive – “They need to man up and take responsibility,'' said Warren Bennis, founder of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California and author of books including “Leaders'' and “On Becoming a Leader.'' “They kept winning, believing in their own omniscience and thinking they can get away with anything.''