Month: October 2008

Strategy Lab: Spooking up a 15% weekly gain

I look back at this scary week and feel very satisfied to be in positive territory after a terrifying fight with the market. Through the use of technical analysis I have been able to spook up almost 15% total portfolio returns since last week to actually move into...

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$50 billion of bailout going to bonuses

If it isn’t enough to make you sick to your stomach that U.S. taxpayer monies are apparently going to bailout the world’s economies, new information has come to light that several banks are planning to pay billions of dollars in year-end bonuses from the bailout funds they received.   Already...

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Really Diggin’ DIG

It has been an amazing thing to watch as crude oil has dropped from $147ish to under $60 per barrel. We chose to close out our DUG position for a nice profit, although admittedly too soon. But the recent drop in oil, coupled with the shellacking that the companies within...

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$500 Billion of 401k wealth is destroyed

There is real concern these days that many people who were planning on retiring will have to postpone that idea for a few more years or perhaps indefinitely. That brings up a whole host of problems that will probably show up in unexpected ways. For one, as these “senior” workers...

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Bruce Springsteen’s Economic Wisdom

As I was thinking about all that is going on, I cobbled together a summary of the market madness inspired by a list of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. I am even thinking of writing him in as my choice for President since I am having a very difficult time deciding who...

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