The Week Ahead: Apple of my iPod

From my MSN Topstocks article:

There‘s no doubt that it has been a lonely and unprofitable existence if you have been a bull through the recent market letdown. Most agree that even though grossly unpleasant, last week’s ferocity was long overdue and surely had many investors rethinking their portfolio allocations and just how much risk they really want to assume. It seemed that regardless of quality or outlook, stocks were uniformly beaten down as the possibility is growing that a violent market downturn will eventually occur.

Even with a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac bailout, there will surely be problems over the next few weeks as consumer spending has stalled, unemployment is rising and bankruptcy filings are increasing. No matter how large the band-aid, many banks are in big trouble and the credit card companies are even worse off.

Stocks Discussed: Apple (AAPL), Pep Boys (PBY), Oxford Industries (OXM), Stewart Industries (STW)

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