Month: August 2008

New York’s Mutli-Billion Dollar Problem

Strategy Lab Journal Update

Adding a few short positions and one long. Also, exploring the upcoming problems for New York…it could be ugly.

For some time I have been writing about the games being played by many of the public companies within the financial sector. Their problems are causing the destruction of...

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The Steak is Perfect, but The Big Apple is Rotten

This is way overdue. I have been writing this over the past few weeks and have been researching New York’s financial woes. This is definitely on my watch list… But truth be told, my travel plans have prevented me from getting this posted. So, in light of the recent announcement...

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Corporate BS elevated to new artform

Every once and a while, I read something really interesting. I usually clip it and re-read it a few days or weeks later to take it in from a different reference point. A couple of weeks ago, I clipped a great commentary by Steven Sears and recently re-read it again.


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TDI Episode 69: The Money Show to Go

Coming to you from The Money Show in San Francisco. Listen in to the highlights from the Strategy Lab panel. Listen to part of a lecture by Jon Markman of MSN Money and then Andrew sits down with Vad Yazvinski the winner of Strategy Lab 17.

In this episode we have...

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That Sound? The FDIC Insurance Suck

According to Meredith Whitney of Oppenheimer, there is a huge amount of uninsured deposits at many of banks which could soon be causing a huge problem. If you think about it, it makes sense. As time goes on, more and more money will be moved from bank to bank as...

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