Month: August 2008

The Flawed Housing Bill – How we will pay

Danger Will Robinson. Warning..Warning.Stay off the Road!

Recently, after I reviewed and wrote about the recent passage of the Housing Bill, I began to look at it more closely.   I spoke with a few colleagues to try to understand what seemed to me to be a flawed plan. They agreed...

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Are you sick of these anal-ysts?

I am sooooo tired of the anal-ysts that are always on the bandwagon looking to hop aboard the late-train of easy predictions.

Strategist Moron Moran Sees Stronger Dollar in Second Half

Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) — Mike Moran, a senior currency strategist at Standard Chartered Bank, talks with Bloomberg’s Catherine Yang from...

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TDI Episode 70: The Auto Industry at a Crossroads

Guest: Professor Michael Greenberger follows up with the discussion on the Enron Loophole and how there is relief in sight. We last had him on when we were nearing a $145 barrel price for oil. Since then, we have noticed a significant drop…Why? He tells us and provides insight into...

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The Week Ahead: 3 Retail Stocks Poised to Move

My weekly installment of   “The Week Ahead” on MSN Money TopStocks:

Is this rally  for real? An 8% rise since  mid-July has the S&P 500  resting on both the first step of a Fibonacci retracement and its 50-day moving average.  Oil has been plummeting and the dollar has been strengthening...

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